Accentrex Global is a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in providing consulting services to various educations businesses across the world.

We believe skilled and motivated individuals create a positive impact to all businesses. We offer various Training, Consulting and Recruitment programs that are designed to uplift your team’s soft skills, Technical, Management and Leadership skills.

Accentrex Global Centre of Excellence is our flagship program designed to build a smart community of educational institutions committed to provide their students with state of the art infrastructure, teaching methodology and skilled faculty.

According to the TALENT SHORTAGE SURVEY, approximately 38% of the employers find it difficult to fill their jobs in different segments, with India ranking in 7th position. Further according to CMIE data published in Sep16, unemployment rate in India is close to 10% – – that is a staggering 120 million people. In studies by several market survey agencies the unemployment rate in India is due to mismatch between the “Right Skill” for the “Right Job”.  We at Accentrex Global invest in Skill Development for Individuals and businesses and are committed to bridge the divide between Skills and Jobs.

Education Journalist endeavours to connect multiple dots related to education domain namely interfacing with the top educational leaders , political view on current education system ,what do CEO’s of company think about education system in India ,Virtual University , review management and many more .

This gives the present students and the would be students to not only shortlisting a right college by looking at the view of the leaders but also to decide their career path looking at what CEO’s of a company is looking about .

This platform turns out to be a boon for students and community with an interest towards education and quest for knowledge.

Global Cloudz an Online reputation management company focuses on the management of product and service search results within the digital space. Global Cloudz exceeds the conventional barrier of business by deploying analytics and market based research in its business portfolios enabling exponential growth potential. Global Cloudz aid a corporation’s branding objectives which on their own along the way play a paramount role in helping a company manage their brand reputation.

Our focus is to improve brand sentiment in the online environment, to give brands more control over how they are perceived, and to improve the quality of information with which they are portrayed. we take a holistic approach to online reputation management. Taking all aspects of your internet reputation into account, our trusted solutions combine social media, content marketing and Local SEO to ensure that you look your best online.

For Students, thy trainer is a platform that enables you to explore courses and related institutions and vice versa, this ranges from Pre-Schools, Schools, Colleges, Medical Colleges, Dance, Cricket, Football to other professionals, vocational or hobby classes.

For Trainers, thy trainer provides unique opportunities to Trainers, Teachers, Mentors, Lecturers or Professors to explore short/long term training opportunities across India.

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